About Us

We have over 14 years of history working with some of the most advanced high-tech Original Design and Original Equipment Manufacturers (ODM/OEM) in the world. ​We pride ourselves in delivering competitively priced, easy to use consumer products. Our wide breadth of products demonstrates SVP leveraging our buying power to deliver direct from manufacturer performance and pricing to our extensive network of online and brick-and-mortar retailers. We work with high-volume direct to end-user sellers on top rated e-commerce sites such as Amazon , eBay , Walmart and shopify etc. SVP works mainly with global e-commerce companies, factories, and individuals to provide efficient and stables logistical and warehousing services with a strong focus in development and implementation.


Our next step is to expand further into the Midwest and East Coast to extend our reach further throughout the United States in order to reduce transportation costs and increase customer competitiveness.


Our Advantage: In the past year, SVP’s customers have been able to increase their core competitiveness since we have processed 50,000+ products with an accuracy rate of 99.98%.


We offer expertise, help streamline supply chains, and save your time and money. Trusting us with your shipping logistics can really make a difference in how your business functions and allows you to focus on increasing your overall value to customers. We are able to meet the unique demands of the modern and diverse customer base